An Old Blog Post

I went digging the other day and found the first blog I every started.
This was the only post I ever published in it.
I am still asking these questions. I wrote this when I was 16.

"I'll begin this blog with a question. Why do people care about impressions? Is it because the more people like us the more we are comfortable with ourselves? Maybe its a social status thing? I struggle with this. For some reason I thrive to be the center of attention, yet when the spot light is on me I freeze. I become aware that people are watching and I shrink back to being five in my first school play and forgetting the lines.
There are other moments when I just don't care about what people think. They're entitled to their own opinion, but frankly I just don't give a rats ass what that opinion is. I don't want to be judged for one moment in time when you barely knew me. Judge me after you know me, then at least its fair to me.
This sets kind of a dark tone for this blog, so if you happen to read this before my next blog post I promise I'm not some depressed person writing for sympathy. I write to understand."

I remember the day I wrote this. I was trying to figure out the whole high school click thing. I just didn't understand, and part of me still doesn't, how people would act a certain way around certain groups and then change drastically around others. I remember finding it almost insulting in a way.
So why do we care so much? What do we honestly have to gain?  I will definitely continue this thought at a later date. If you wish you to comment your thought and/or opinions, do so. I would love to read them. 

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