I think my time to leave has come

I think my time to leave has come
To push off into the unknown
To face the light would just blind me
So darkness shall be my keeper now

Maybe I'll find my peace
Maybe my soul can finally rest
But I already know my heart
Will never be still

For even on the other side
I know that it shall be yours
To beat eternally for only one
But not one to beat for it

To feel anything would be a blessing
But all I feel is a vastness of nothing
No anger or hate
No compassion or empathy

I do feel love however
Love of your soul
Love of your heart
Unconditional love that belongs to you

I've fought my demons
And shall fight no more
I'm laying down my sword
And shall let them swallow me

I can't fake my smile anymore
My mask has finally broken
My world turns the wrong way
And my finally puzzle piece walked away

So I do think my time to leave has come
I'm shutting my door
Drawing the curtains

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