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We have all had those moments where we are pursuing something for a period of time and we come to the realization that we are not getting any closer to that something. It's at this point we find ourselves at a fork in the road. Do we continue pursuing or do we let it go? At only four months in to 2015, I have found myself at this fork several times. For all,  except two things, I have decided to let them go, that they are just not meant to be at this moment in my life. I have found, in most cases, this is the right decision. Letting go does not mean that you gave up or you failed, on the contrary I think it shows great strength and faith in yourself. You can always come back to those pursuits at another time if you chose.

So what about those goals or dreams or choices or whatever you want to call them, that we choose to continue pursuing? The ones we have decided are worth our time, effort and energy. Do we sprint towards them or briskly jog or maybe just walk? I personally tend to be a sprinter, purely driven by emotion which tends to get me into trouble and can be easily misunderstood for just being plain crazy. Im use to this. So of the two things that I have chosen to continue pursuing, one of which is a personal matter, music stands alone at the top as both the easiest and hardest decision.

After 7 years of writing, practicing, listening and saying I'm gonna do my own album it's finally happening, but not with out a few road blocks and breakdowns. Somehow I have ended up producing,  engineering, playing all the instruments bar two guitar solos and background vocals, and mixing. Needless to say I'm a little stressed out and with the road blocks such as booking studio time and actually being able to get in the studio with out life intervening, its not getting any easier. But I won't stop, actually I can't stop. There are certain things in our lives that give it meaning, which is different for everyone, and if we stop doing these things or never allow ourselves to pursue them in the first place then, I believe, we devolve into this sort of half life, doing only whats necessary and never truly knowing joy. To add a wrench in this, sometimes what we are meant to do and what we want to do are two different things.

In the end each path is our own and others can't choose for us nor would we want them to. Life is not about the mountain tops, though they are wonderful to see, but about the walking in-between. The journey that takes us there and teaches us the lesson we must learn, that is what makes life magical.

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