New York

I have run away to New York City for the week to escape from what I can only assume is the depressing realization that I am about to turn 25. With only 11 days left till this deadline of adulthood I'm making an attempt to "find myself" in the big apple amongst the cultural scenes of music and art. Ive find myself staying in Harlem where, during the 1920's and 30's, a renaissance of the African American culture in music, religion and fashion took place. I've seen people from all walks of life trudging or strolling the streets of this massive concrete jungle. Having already figured out that this is not where my home is,  I still hope to learn something about my place in all of this. Ever searching for my rhyme and reason my eyes and ears are open to the visions and audible scenery of this city.

Demon Squirrel

I have walked till my feet cramped, my lungs were frozen, my eyes red from the wind yet still I feel no closer to my goal. I don't have a map or a compass, but I have my gut and it's leading me somewhere though I haven't quite figured out where. 

In leaving I thought I'd feel again. I had hoped that I could start to move on. But I still feel empty, alone and unsure of myself. I'm beginning to believe that this may never pass.

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