Words, Actions and Fears

"A good person can not live by powerful words alone, they must enact these words in ever moment that they are granted breath."

I have succeeded at many things in my life but I failed at many more. I do try not to let these failures haunt me, but I must admit I am still learning to push past these...certain fears I have. To be alone is one such fear. I have spent much time wondering if the road that I have chosen to take will lead me to a lonely and empty end. Will I look back on my life and smile or will I regret my choices. What will become of me when I die? How will I be remembered? Will I be remembered at all? All these questions push me forward down this road. I have stumbled and fallen many times. I have shattered my bones and crushed my spirit, metaphorically speaking, and probably will continue to do so since it seems to be the way I learn best.

In life we must grow and change with the world around us. To adapted is to survive. I will someday teach my children about my mistakes, in hopes that they will learn what not to do, though they will probably ignore my warnings just as I ignored my parents. If they are anything thing like me they will learn from trial and error.

To go back to the first thing I said in this post. I have said a lot of things in my life and I have broken many promises. I have let those I care for down and for that I am truly sorry. I wish to not only speak what I believe but also act and follow through with my words. It is hard to grow up and face the person in mirror when you don't quite know who they are yet. I am constantly reminded of my failures but it only pushes me forward. I understand now that I can not live by just my words, I must act if I am to arrive at the end of my road with happiness and love.

We must embrace our faults and move forward. Do not let your words be hollow, show the world that you intend to fill these words with your soul.

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