Robin's Story

What do you write in a bio when you’re writing about yourself? I’ve always found it very difficult to write down or verbally tell people about who I am and what I do. Mostly because I’m terrified of being considered self center which begs the question why am I in the music industry trying to be an artist? To answer it simply, I love music. I know thats a pretty cliche answer but I was raised with an appreciation and love of this language that is understood around the world.

I was pretty much born in to music. My mother is a percussionist, my father is a trombone player and booking agent, my grandmother played piano, my grandfather was a trumpet player and I could continue but as you can tell it wasn’t a matter of if I would be a musician but when. I was the kid with headphones in his ears tapping along (loudly) to the song with my drumsticks. Although drums was my first instrument, and is still my primary instrument, I quickly picked up the guitar and began songwriting. Wrote my first song at 16, for a girl obviously, and haven’t really looked back. Joined my first band, The Phases, which was short lived, when I was 17. Joined my second shortly after, Maiden Austin, that too was short lived but we gained some traction and I learned how not to act. The third band, The Encounter Project, lasted almost 4 years, was full of lessons but eventually I left and moved to L.A. Joined band called Varna playing bass, learned more about myself in 5 months than any other point in my life and figured out everything I never wanted to be as a musician and most importantly as a person. I came back to Austin, made some mistakes, feel in love, started a new band, quite the new band, feel out of love, greeted depression like an old friend and began writing again. Then came my first solo EP Here Goes Something in 2015. I played every instrument on it except the organ and and the two guitar solos, engineered parts of it and produced it. In 2016 I joined the band Alpha Rev playing bass and Casey showed me just how a real band is suppose to work. Because of him I got to work some of the most amazing people, some of whom I can call friends and some of them, like Alan Parson…yes that Alan Parson, I can cross off bucket list of “People I want to work with.” 

So here we are in 2018 and I’ve got new music coming soon which I can’t wait to share with you. I hope to see you at a show or just around Austin sometime. We can trade stories and puns.