Robin's Story

 Robin Mordecai is a songwriting multi-instrumentalist developing his own sound as an artist while working as a sideman and assistant engineer.

An Austin native, he started his musical life in his seventh year with piano lessons he continued until the age of 14.  That's when his drumming kicked into high gear.  As a sophomore he joined the Lake Travis Jazz Ensemble.  He also played in various pit orchestras for theater companies in Georgetown and Kerrville honing his reading chops.  He and classmate, guitarist Alex Campbell, formed Maiden Austin in 2007.  The band was short-lived but it definitely got the ball rolling.   After creating and testing a few other projects, Robin hooked up with guys he had worked with in church bands and formed The Encounter Project which had some regional touring success and resulted in Robin’s first recording studio work, putting his first song "Love On You" out to the global market.   After a four year run with the guys in the EP,  Robin got a call from former high school drumming buddy Chris Saad wanting him to come to L.A. and restart their band DrumJam, an on/off project they’d had taken to the Texas State Fair when they were still in high school.  Robin was ready for a change and thought L.A. would be a logical next step.  By the time he got out there, however, Chris had taken an audition with Stomp and left for San Diego while their other school bud and DrumJam mate, Zach Hennig, told him he hated L.A. and was going to Vegas.  So Robin, now on his own and looking for work, answered a Craigslist ad posted by the band Varna and got the gig - as their new bass player.   He loved the band but after months he just wasn’t feeling at home in L.A.  While in studio with the band, Robin confided in the producer.  When asked “where are you from”, Robin answered “Austin”, the producer immediately said, “what are you doing here?  Austin is where it's at!”  Robin took that to heart, packed up and headed back home where he began playing drums and/or bass with various artists like Pauline ReeseMatt WilsonLisa Morales and Grace Pettis.  He spent a year playing a weekly gig with the great Dr. James Polk at Capital Grille where he met his good friend and bass player Michael Stevens.  During this time he was periodically playing drums and bass at Riverbend church and began working with Casey McPherson who pulled him in on his Alpha Rev project.  It was this and a special event at Orb Sound Studios that gave him the opportunity to work with the legendary Alan Parsons as Alpha Rev’s bass player for Parsons' masterclass recording session.  Robin’s interest in the recording process really grew and he began to explore his own talents in that arena working at the Covington Compound - a studio owned by drummer, pianist Kirk Covington - where he continues to do work.

In 2015, Robin was ready to get his own music out so he took what he’d learned and produced his own EP, “Here Goes Something” on Fable Records. He launched the project with a show at Threadgills World Headquarters and later joined Dave Madden and Suzanna Choffel back at the TWH for a triple bill

Over the next few years he continued to write, all the while working consistently as a drummer and bass player in other bands.  He started the podcast ROCK DETENTION, with his buddy Zach (yes, the one who left L.A.) and from that podcast they both found themselves collaborating with Aaron Ellis for a special performance giving Robin the chance to dust off his keyboard chops.

By 2021 Robin was finally able to finish his next EP which he titled "Portraits" and released it in its entirety in April of 2022 which includes "Caroline", a co-write with Jeff Plankenhorn.

Robin has been featured on KUTX and has made guest appearances on KOOP Radio, Wimberley Valley Radio and SunRadio’s Bridge Radio.