Last night I found myself awake at two or three in the morning, just lying in bed, thoughts racing. In-between all these fearful questions my head was asking,   "Why am I alone?" "Why do I keep running from myself?"…

Love comes when we need it

Love comes not when we want it but when we need it It can wash over us like a cleansing flood or annoy us like a pesky mosquito  The choice we have is how we react to loves presence We…

Just A Thought

We have all had those moments where we are pursuing something for a period of time and we come to the realization that we are not getting any closer to that something. It's at this point we find ourselves at…Read more

Two Ships

I began to fall the day you decided to leave
Love had graced us but for a moment
And like two ships passing in the night
We sailed on with nothing but our sails waving goodbye

But my ship begin…Read more

Here's a thought

Sometimes love doesn't start off with a splash. Sometimes a slow trickle here and there that steadily gets faster and faster as it grows into a strong current flowing towards an ocean that is much deeper and wider than any…Read more

I think my time to leave has come

I think my time to leave has come
To push off into the unknown
To face the light would just blind me
So darkness shall be my keeper now

Maybe I'll find my peace
Maybe my soul can finally rest…Read more

New York

I have run away to New York City for the week to escape from what I can only assume is the depressing realization that I am about to turn 25. With only 11 days left till this deadline of adulthood…Read more

I Think I'm Ready To Grow Up....Crap

My name is Robin. I am 24 years old, I live at home with my parents, I'm a wannabe musician/songwriter and I am a man-child. Ive had a somewhat easy life with a loving and supportive family, Friends who I…

Words, Actions and Fears

"A good person can not live by powerful words alone, they must enact these words in ever moment that they are granted breath."

I have succeeded at many things in my life but I failed at many more. I do…Read more


Why do I write? What am I trying to accomplish? Maybe it my constant search for self that drives me in my writing. Or maybe it's my sense of wonder In a world that I am just starting to scratch…Read more