1. Sunny


Copyright 2021 Lyrics and Music by Robin Mordecai

Riding off in to the pale sunset 
Sunny hung his head in clear distress 
Let a good man die as he ran away 
The shame of what he’s done will stay 
Cowardice saved him once again
Never stuck his neck out, even for a friend
Making a trail of dust through the great unknown 
He sees a call waiting on his telephone

The voice rang out like a warning bell
Telling him to run, that he’ll burn in hell
For what he’s done, for who he’s crossed 
The wrongs he’s committed, the money he’s lost
Tears begin to fall and the fear set in
This long road to ruin has come to an end
Slams the clutch down and throws it in to gear
If he’s gonna die it won’t be here

In the dead of the night
As he lays his head down 
He hears a knock at the door
He’s out the window before the beds cold

Drinking at a dinner in a one horse town
He asks the waitress to pour him another round
From behind he hears a voice cold as stone
Just like the one from the telephone