Are We Good?

Are we good? you ask
as if I can give you a straight no or yes
as if I can think straight when you're in that dress

Are we good? well then answer me this
when is the line crossed?
can I tell you that my minds lost

Am I crossing the line if I say
you make me a better man with every passing day
that when I lay eyes upon you I swear to change my ways

Am I crossing the line if I say
I want a second chance to be your man
To prove that I can love you better than ANYONE can

If honesty is what you want
Is it possible to be to honest with my emotions
can what I'm feeling cause that big of a commotion

If honesty is what you want
then honest is what I'll be just for you
cause you deserve THE BEST through and through

I am TERRIFIED of losing you
I am scared of telling the truth
what if I say to much and you leave

I am TERRIFIED of losing you
my heart stops at the thought
and I quickly become distraught

So are we good?
Part of me wants to say yes
so we can move forward and pass this test

So are we good?
the other half SCREAMS no
cause I still have more to say I go

When you move my world stops.
I break from my pace just to stare at what the romantics could only imagine that beauty is
When you speak my heart drops
Your voice sings with every word you say which then resonates in my head all day

You touch me and I freeze
Every nerve in me begins to thrive as if to let me know I'm alive
You breath and I forget how
I am left breathless, frozen and awestruck with your presence in my life

So are we good you ask?
that is a not so simple task
I'm afraid I dont have a straight answer
so ill just say this

If you need space its yours
If you need time its yours
If you need silence its yours
If you need to speak my ears are yours
If you need to be held my arms are yours
If you need a friend I'm yours
If you need love my heart is yours

you need to grow I must confess so do I
you're ready for more so spread your wings and fly
just know that when you fall my arms will be your net
what ever I am to you I promise to be the BEST

I rather go down with the titanic then sail away with out you

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