Cleansing Rain

Its going to rain
What a beautifully metaphoric way to close this chapter
Its waters will wash away these broken pieces,
Clean my slate and hidden beneath there drops will be my tears.

I watch as the cumulonimbus clouds roll towards me across the sky
Bringing the thunder and cleansing waters.
I step outside to greet the weather
But meet only my past who greets me like a long lost brother.

I begin to feel water on my cheek as he asks me how I've been
This rain didn't feel clean and fresh
It was salty and filled with my mistakes
Where was my cleansing rain

The sky opened up as we sat outside my door and talked
As we came to an lull he ask me on a walk.
Speaking only when spoken to, I chose my words carefully
And I was quite proud of how my words came out so gracefully

But he knew what was hidden behind my oh so dreadfully chosen words
He could feel my pain and he knew it all to well
As the tears began to fall and flood my face
He smiled and said there is your cleansing rain

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