My Day Began And Ended With You

My day began

I would watch the morning light reflect off your skin
As I gently kissed your neck to wake you.
And when your eyes would open to see the new day
I would kiss your lips softly so I could feel again the love we had.
My hands would wonder over your body searching for nothing but your embrace
And when you finally wrapped your arms around me
You would say "Good Morning" as your lips curled into that smile.
That smile was one of many reason I fell in love with you.
Time was always against us whether it be work or school
Yet somehow our mornings together seemed perfect.
As if to say this love was held by no time
But simply by two lovers heart.
When the hour finally came upon us to rise and shuffle off
My whole day would be spent thinking of your skin in the morning light.

I watch the minutes tick away waiting for work to end
Longing to be next to you, to hold you.
When the time clock rang and the door flung open
My heart took flight as if to lead me home to you.
In a blaze of passion I rushed through the street
As my subconscience guided my hands on the wheel.
And when I arrived at your door and you answered
I would sweep you off you feet and kiss you.
Carrying you up stairs to your bed I would lay you down
Kissing every inch of you so you could feel the love in my heart.
The love I held in all day waiting to touch you
Wanting to feel you skin on mine.
Laying in that bed with you, watching you fall asleep
I found my heart skipping beats from pure joy.
When night finally feel and your eyes closed
I would gently kiss your neck
And whisper in your ear "Goodnight my darling, I love you".

and ended with you

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