Last night I found myself awake at two or three in the morning, just lying in bed, thoughts racing. In-between all these fearful questions my head was asking,
"Why am I alone?" "Why do I keep running from myself?" "I want to live a meaningful life, how?"
I was having a moment pleading with my head to let me sleep. These questions were important but so was resting but my brain wasn't having it. So on and on went my thoughts, speeding thru my head, laying there on my back with my hands resting on chest, breathing in and out slowly.

"The album is finished, what's next?"

"Am I ready for this?"

"Should I go back to school?"

I am a why person, I've just always searched for the why in life. I want to experience this world, the people in it and the love that is here, but I don't know where to start. One day I hope to turn these blogs in to travel and life diaries but for now I guess they will just be my questions.


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